Books by Joseph Mazerac (& J.M. Mazerac)

Book 1 of the Castatine Chronicles 

In the summer of 1990, thirteen-year-old Charles Miller lives in a lake-side townhouse in Florida. He has good friends, reasonable parents, and no school for another two months. Life is good, but when a strange boy glides across the lake on a homemade raft, Charles’s dreams of leisure are shaken awake by the promise of adventure.

The stranger, introducing himself as “Captain Kid,” claims to be from another dimension. With a winsome personality and infectious enthusiasm, he explains he has come to Charles’s world on an important quest to find a missing princess known as the Patch Fairy. This can hardly be believed, but when Charles witnesses too many unexplainable events, he tingles with the understanding that something truly extraordinary is about to happen.

Captain Kid proposes a rescue mission which involves leaving not only the neighborhood Charles grew up in but his entire plane of reality. Also, the captain speaks of monsters. Charles is interested but he’s not crazy! The mission is too dangerous. However, when his friends eagerly join the quest, Charles is left with an all-important choice: be responsible and stay home or follow Captain Kid up the Reality Deck and into the Attic of the World.

Into the Red Realm

Coming in 2024, Book 2 of the Castatine Chronicles 

After following Captain Kid into a layer of reality known as the Attic of the World, Charles Miller and his friends are ready to continue their mission to rescue the Patch Fairy. This leg of the journey leads to the Red Realm, a place Charles so desperately wanted to avoid. In the Red, the black unicorn reigns, and if that isn’t bad enough, Cyclops the Great rumbles a secretive prophesy that adds to Charles’s trepidation, “We will go together into the wall, you and I alone. I have seen it.”

What wall? And why would Charles go anywhere without his friends? Charles is determined to see the mission through to the end, but what horrors await in the Red Realm? How reliable is the cyclops’s ominous prediction? And most importantly, can they rescue the fairy before she is delivered to the evil unicorn king?

Winner of a Royal Palm Literary Award

Tournament of Moons

Coming soon... 

“What did I tell you, Jodie Highways has a gift for blood.”

—Rudolph Kleptark, President of Goblins 

In the mysterious world of Wilden, the Tournament of Moons is about to begin. Jodie Highways is nominated to participate in the contest—a great honor—and if he wins, he will earn the privilege to hunt crescent-shaped beasts called “moons.” He’ll be famous. He’ll be rich! But Jodie never wanted to be a moon hunter, he has no love for the goblins sponsoring his entry into the tournament, and he mistrusts the beautiful human woman assigned to guide him through the event. 

Humans, giants, goblins, and moons come together in this story of bravery, suspicion, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Is Jodie Highways being used or will his inner champion finally be revealed? He’s about to find out. 

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